All advertising agencies say you should pick them because they’re good.  Many of them are good.  But you can’t work with all agencies, so eventually you have to pick one.  You pick whichever agency or expert seems the best fit.

Frink Advertising doesn’t claim to be a fit for everyone, but we may be the best fit for you.  Our job now is to give you the info you need to decide one way or the other.  Here are a few ways Frink Advertising differs from other ad agencies:

Difference 1: You work with one person with decades of experience (me, Bill), rather than a team of people with low-to-moderate experience.  If you need open-skull surgery, would you rather work with the surgeon with 25 years of experience, or 5 young MDs 5 years out of med school?

Difference 2: You work with a person who’s learned from working with clients in many different spaces, rather than a team of people in which each person only has experience in one area.

Difference 3: I don’t focus on one size of business.  It’s easy to move the needle for a big and lumbering businesses that overlooks a lot of “easy wins” and has a bottomless budget, and it’s easy to help a tiny business that’s never advertised and has nowhere to go but up.  It takes more experience and skill to get results for a business that’s between those two extremes.

Difference 4:  There’s no chance you won’t get the best person in the agency: You’ll work with me, Bill.  At Frink Advertising I’m the boss, the analyst, the outreach guy, the billing person, and occasionally the coffee boy.  There’s no possibility someone else will take over your account and run your campaign into the ground.

Difference 5:  I analyze your ads after they run.  In what I call ad-spend auditing, I study the station’s “affidavits of performance” on when it aired your ads and on other details of how it ran your ads.  I’ll be able to tell you how well the station held up its end of the bargain, and of any areas where we can improve.

Difference 6:  I don’t claim to be an expert in all forms of advertising.  I don’t fixate on slick new channels of visibility.  Though I know my way around newer media and make sure your TV or radio campaigns “play nicely” with your other marketing efforts and maybe even help your “free” visibility, I focus on TV and radio advertising.  Sometimes you need a specialist.

If we work together, my job will be to eliminate uncertainty in your advertising (to identify out what works, what doesn’t, and how to repeat wins).  By telling you right now what to expect of Frink Advertising, I hope I’ve also eliminated a little uncertainty before we work together.  If we sound like a good fit, contact Frink Advertising today.



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